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Aerial Photography Devon

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We have many years of experience and we are currently leading the way in drone videography and ground imagery. We have you covered if you are looking for aerial content or ground photography for corporate promotion, events, property, weddings, or roof surveys.

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Aerial and Ground Video and Photography Service

We work with a range of projects and clients, from local businesses to international projects. All of the services we offer are done so with the ultimate goal of providing the best view and photographs across the sites we cover on the South Devon coast. 

Whatever the project area or landscape, we give greater clarity than your usual Plymouth-based aerial investigation company. 

If you have been searching for drone photography or a ground photographer or videographer to take images, whether for research, events or even for historic environment reasons, you can be sure that Different View Photography has you covered. 

Aerial View Drones 


Drones are relatively small aerodynamic objects built with the purpose of aerial photography, cinematography, surveillance, and much more. They are lightweight and normally equipped with two or four rotors.  companies around the world are now involved in drone development, drone imagery, and surveillance. They have replaced a lot of the old manual methods for data collection like plane surveys or human inspection from specially constructed platforms.  

Drones are faster, more versatile, and provide a cheaper means of data collection and visual recording in a number of environments, including the research of landscape, archaeology, earthworks, forestry or simply to survey or map a school or university site. For more information about the drone photography we carry out in Plymouth, Devon and the surrounding areas, simply get in touch with us today.

With our equipment, we will produce crisp, high-resolution footage that promotes your business, property, or event. We also offer to edit, using the latest software and techniques. We can film UHD at 4k (60fps,) 2.7K (120 fps), and 1080 HD at up to 120fps.

Please use the link to our YouTube channel to see the full videos.


With a high-quality ground camera and sophisticated drones, we take outstanding drone photography that captures views from up to 400ft above ground level. Our talented photographers will capture a new view of any project you desire and are always open to suggestions and working alongside you to achieve the very best results possible in Plymouth and the surrounding areas of Devon.
The photos we capture are a reflection of you so we always ensure that you are completely happy with the quality we produce. Our digital images are renowned for the high quality we have been providing in Devon and it has certainly put us on the map when people are looking for expert advice from a reputable and experienced image and video expert.

Award-Winning Drone Photography​

Our award-winning photography is nationally published and we are Getty Images contributors.  Quality is our top priority and we will cover every detail, to deliver brilliant results.  Please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.

High-Resolution Aerial Photographs

We have different packages and services available for customers to choose from in Plymouth, Devon. You can choose which plan or service suits you best depending on what your requirements are. We offer a variety of services; some of them include; construction drone imagery, weddings and special events filming, school drone photography, agriculture photography, and more. 

We can offer photography and filming for construction sites, which entails the monitoring or inspection performed by a drone on an ongoing building project at regular intermediate times, or when particular stages of a particular construction are reached. 

Contractors, construction companies, and building surveyors are required to inspect and record certain aspects of the construction programme and we are happy to offer this service in Plymouth, Devon and across the surrounding areas of South West England. 

A few years back, certain areas of inspection would be hard or very costly to access, especially for high-rise buildings but thanks to tech evolution, the latest drones are now available to monitor almost all areas of a construction site and give you the perfect final product.

We offer very competitive rates and are also happy to discuss pricing for major projects or repeat business in Devon.


We have a range of packages to fit your budget. Our packages are highly competitive, flexible, and full of extra features.

​UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) services are weather-dependent. Our drones cannot fly in rain or high winds. However, we will always endeavour to complete your project on time. 

We always follow the Air Navigation Order set by the CAA. This is a requirement of our PfCO. We are happy to answer any questions on this. 

Want to receive a quote or just find out more about the aerial photographs and videos we provide? 

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