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Aerial Photography in Devon

Need to stand out from your competition? We produce ground and aerial video/photography for the events industry; property market and business advertising. 


Aerial and ground video and photography service

We work with a range of projects and clients, from local business to international projects.

With our equipment, we will produce crisp, smooth footage that promotes your business, property or event. We also offer editing using the latest software and techniques. We can film UHD at 4k (60fps,) 2.7K (120 fps) and 1080 HD at up to 120fps. Please use link to our YouTube channel to see full videos.


With a high quality ground camera and sophisticated drones, we take outstanding pictures that capture views from up to 400ft above ground level. Our talented photographers will bring a new view to any project you desire. 

Our award-winning photography is nationally published and we are Getty Images contributors.  Quality is our top priority and we will cover every detail, to deliver brilliant results. 

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We have a range of packages to fit your budget. Our packages are highly competitive and flexible

For more complex work, we will need to discuss your exact requirements as well as giving you our expert advice, before agreeing the final price. 

UAV services are weather dependent. Our drones cannot fly in rain or high winds. However, we will always endeavour to complete your project on time. We always follow the Air Navigation Order set by the CAA. This is a requirement of our PfCO. We are happy to answer any questions on this. 

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