Aerial photography of a revolutionary ship

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Over the last two weeks, we have continued our work with #ibm. Using the powerful #inspire2, we have produced ground footage and #aerialfootage for a documentary in America.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship has been starting to use it's artificial intelligence and the engineers are handing over more and more tasks to the AI system.

The team assembled by Different View Photography, included a ground cameraman and an extra drone pilot from Southampton (Maritime Filming). The Inspire 2 was filmed in duel operation mode where one pilot flew the unit and one pilot controlled the camera. This enabled us to capture some remarkable footage that has impressed IBM executives in the USA.



Flying from a boat is a tricky task that involves close team work and skilful piloting, especially when landing. The task was shared between the pilots and with great communication and piloting, the drone was able to make several filming cycles, guaranteeing spectacular photography.

We interviewed the project managers and lead engineers when back on shore. They told us about the fascinating stages of development on this project. The amount of adjustments to the software and hardware, plus the trial and error of the sea trials shows why these types of projects take a lot of time and money.


Filming large projects requires excellent communication between the filming crew and the engineers on the ship. Using radio communications, we were in constant communications with all those involved. This helped the process of getting the best possible footage.

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