How good is the Mavic 2 Pro?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

A #drone is just a tool. It's a piece of equipment that allows you to use your knowledge to gather data from a hundred feet +. Whether that skill is surveying, photography etc; you will only appreciate a drone when you have fundamental knowledge of your specialist area.

My area is #photography... I adore it. Before exploring #aerialphotography, I experimented with photography and went on many courses to raise my game. Understanding my DSLR inside-out was essential to appreciate the Mavic 2 Pro (MP2).



From a photographer's stand point, the MP2 was a photographer's dream. Variable aperture, shutter speed and ISO; a clean Hasselblad 28mm lens; small enough to put in a rucksack and decent flight time.

All of these things are priceless when you're wanted to design your shots to fit your vision.

Due to it's size there are compromises. It only has a 1" sensor which does impact low light performance and dynamic range. This can be counteracted by using HDR layering to an extent. However, this takes some planning and precise use of shutter speed.


Examples of HDR layering


I also fly the #Inspire2. With a 4/3 sensor, it's low light performance is far better. However, you will be forking out 6-7k. With the MP2 at just over 1k; pound for pound, the MP2 is the king of the UAVs.


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