Photography in the mist

One element of #photography that causes great atmosphere is choosing to shoot in rain and mist. With our weather-sealed cameras and lenses, we can work in these conditions with no risk to our expensive equipment. As well as using ground cameras, our drone braved the weather to take some outstanding #aerialphotography in extremely challenging conditions.



Pointing the camera down and using complex photography tricks, we have captured the interesting shape of a bridge as it towers over the trees below. The drone had to put up with wind that was close to it's limits and mist. The results were worth it and speak for themselves.


#Animalphotography is also brought to life in misty conditions. With the correct settings, you can really make subjects "pop". The ponies on #Dartmoornationalpark in #Devon, look stunning in the mist. Surrounded with different colour vegetation, the atmosphere enabled the picture to stand out.



Finally, this shot of a misty lane is easy to view as the mist makes the background fade...


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