Building Britain

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We joined forces with a creative media company to provide aerial footage of sites that McLaren are developing. Using our Inspire 2, we filmed b-roll aerial footage for a promotional video of various sites across the Midlands and south-east of England.

Starting on a site in Coventry, we had to avoid filming a Rolls-Royce factory because of privacy concerns. With a comprehensive plan, we took aerial footage and photography of the site using our drones. The job took nearly an hour but our footage gave the client a view that couldn't have been achieved without our sophisticated drones and expert composition.

We then travelled to Warwick, where McLaren are building halls for students. This site was compact. Therefore, steady and skilful piloting allowed us to manoeuvre the drone into position where we could capture gripping footage for the client.

The third site was a huge construction project in Banbury. We had to plan carefully for this one. The client wanted shots of their huge crane and the general area. With precise piloting, and careful manoeuvring, we were able to capture aerial footage of this vast site that the client was thrilled with. Construction sites of this size need huge risk assessments, we always complete these diligently to cover all possible scenarios.

The second day was in Brighton where were visited two sites. One in Hove and one in Brighton city centre. Two compact sites that had different requirements. Our planning took into account security and privacy concerns. With the Inspire 2, we captured all footage in 4k.

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