Filming in London

Two weeks ago, Different View Photography was hired to film in Barking near central #London for Mclaren #Construction. Before we could fly we had to write a number of risk assessments because the risk of flying over people and vechicles was large. After getting permission from air traffic control and the council, along with writing detailed risk assessments we arrived at the capital the night before.

On the day of the flight, we had to calibrate the drone to fly near an airport and in amongst buildings. Once pre-flight checks were completed, we took off and captured some amazing footage of the construction site. #Aerialfootage really helped show the area off to the viewer, with views that you would see by other methods of filming. The #drone performed perfectly, and with the ability to change the sense on the drone, we were able to capture a variety of angles.

This was a challenging shoot from a safety point, but with careful planning and attention to detail, it was extremely worth the work.


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