Live Live Live

In the last week we have been hired by #ITV a couple of times for live #broadcasts for This Morning and Loose Women.

The first site was in Barnstaple, #filming a competition. We had to film the campavans as they drove around a field in formation. Using the #Inspire 2 #drone, we were asked to capture specific compositions that would help highlight the campavans on show. Using portable TV live links with a HDMI lead into the drone's remote. With 5 live hits, turnaround between each one was tight.


The day was stressful but rewarding, I really enjoyed working with the crew and was thrilled with the results.


The second shoot was in Cambridgeshire. We were tasked with filming daffodils in Thriplow. We had 2 live hits and the second hit involved a complex shot of the local church and panning out, revealing the village.




Really enjoy live TV and hope to film more with ITV in the future.

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