Launching into a new era

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

After weeks of being in a dock, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship has been launched. We started our contract with IBM at the beginning of this month. Using our high-end drone, we filmed the MAS being taken to the dock and launched into Turnchapel Wharf.

With careful piloting and camera skills, our team showed the launch from every angle and the footage captured a very complex operation of transporting this vessel into the harbour.

Over two days we captured the MAS as it started to come to life and was moving under it's own steam.

On the first day we filmed the MAS coming out of it's hanger and transported over to the water. We used drones and ground cameras to capture every angle for the client, ensuring nothing was missed. It took a good 10 minutes for the MAS to be moved using a huge tractor. As it was lowered into the water, our drones were able to capture shots from above, showing the moment it entered the sea.

Later on we went further out to sea with a RIB to practise the launching and landing of the drone from a RIB. Safety is paramount and this was a great opportunity to practise manurers with the drone and RIB for when the MAS was going to be sailed out at sea.

There second day was a busy one. We were tasked with filming the MAS as it was controlled remotely by an engineer on a rib. This was to test out its mechanics. This was a long procedure that lasted several hours, with the ship performing turns, stops and speed.

Our team will continue to film the MAS in January as the ship will be tested out in the bay and eventually relying on it's AI technology for guidance and decision-making.

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