Man-made surfing

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

With one out our huge passions being sport, we are thrilled to be asked to photograph a local photographer Tony Cobley at The Wave, Bristol. With our experience in extreme-sports, we used the finest lenses to capture detailed shots of Tony and other surfers, as they navigated riding some challenging waves.

The Wave uses the latest technology to create different sized and shaped waves for an array of different abilities. From a small sloped wave for beginners to large steep waves for advanced surfers, everyone can progress at their pace. With the bay cut in half, it offered waves for a 'left turn,' and 'right turn.'

It was really interesting to see these waves suddenly appear out of nowhere. With a queuing system, the surfers waited their turn, lined up to one side of the lake. Once it was their turn, the surfer was poised in a marked area waiting for a wave to form. After taking off, the surfer had a clear run to surf on (something that wasn't always available at the beach).

Tony chose the long boarding wave, an intermediate large wave with a steady slope. His ability allowed him to make the most of each ride, carving up and down the wave in a gentle but proficient manner.

Other surfers in the advanced, shortboard section were able to get 'air' and violently carve on the lip of these steam waves.

One trouble with artificial waves is the sudden creation of waves. In the sea, surfers will be viewing sets from a couple of hundred meters away and preparing them selves for the next ride. However, the waves are consistent in all conditions, something that nature is unable to guarantee.

Our timing and photography expertise, enabled us to capture these athletes as they showed what they could do.

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